Six Most Popular Job Websites and How to Leverage Them

I am frequently asked which of the big job boards I recommend. Let me start by saying, I recommend you use job boards sparingly.


While I think job boards are great for research purposes, I don’t recommend you rely solely on job boards to land your next role. Given the dismal rates of success, I’d recommend you use a variety of methods to get noticed.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I recommend LinkedIn and Indeed.

LinkedIn has historically attracted more professional candidates. When I was a recruiter, I was very interested to see who was applying from this source. I also liked to review the LinkedIn profiles for additional insight, and they were just a click away.

Indeed aggregates jobs into one place at no cost to employers. Since companies are not required to pay, it is a great database of available jobs. Their sales rep once told me they are the “Google” of job ads. Some companies may opt to pay for prime placement, so you might also use this as an indicator of who is motivated to hire.

Here are the six most popular job websites:


Perhaps you’re wondering what to do with the other 80% of your time. Here’s what statistics show. Third-party recruiters fill 10% of roles. And the remaining 70% are filled through referrals and networking. Your highest chance of success will be through your network and referrals. Focus on people and not job postings.

Four Key Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Job Search and Beyond

I want to share something that really drives me crazy about recruitment. Before LinkedIn and job boards, recruiting was about building personal connections, networking, and championing people into roles, even though recruiters are paid by the employer.

Back then recruiters had fewer ways to find people, so they worked with what they had.

In recent times, networks have been blown wide open with social media platforms. Companies can say they want a “purple squirrel” and recruiters can go find that “purple squirrel.”

In my business, I took the idea of the company wanting the purple squirrel and reverse engineered it for the job seeker who wants to land a dream job.

Now more than ever your LinkedIn activity is paramount to the success of your job search. LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool once you know how to use it. Utilize the platform to drive better results in your job search – and beyond.

  1. Confirm your settings to ensure you are totally visible
  2. Engage with other industry professionals to promote value you provide
  3. Optimize your profile to position yourself for your next role
  4. Build your own personal database and connect with industry professionals

Remember, networking doesn’t start and stop with a job search. Your network will serve you well throughout your career. Grow and nurture your professional network and it will provide help for years to come.