How to Tap Into Hidden Jobs

Where is this hidden job market everyone is talking about?

The answer lies with understanding how jobs are opened and filled by companies. This usually starts with communication from a hiring manager requesting a new hire.

The steps leading up to the formal request are where hidden jobs can be found.

Prior to requesting a search, managers typically check their own network. Managers may also ask current em- ployees for referrals. When that turns up nothing, they go to a corporate (or external) recruiter for assistance, if available. The recruiter then checks their network.

When these hidden steps turn up nothing, the job is posted and advertised. Competition massively increases at this point!

The first key to unlocking the hidden job market is to build a large, relevant network and remain visible throughout your job search.

Here are four ways to stay visible with your network:

  • Share relevant articles of interest to your This demonstrates you care and provides value to your connections.
  • Update your network regularly on your job search or career
  • Follow your contacts on social media and engage where. Everyone loves a cheerleader on social media. Like, comment, or share their posts if appropriate.
  • Stay top of mind with hiring managers, industry professionals, and recruiters to attract opportunities to you.

The second key to unlocking hidden jobs is to be specific in your goals and your asks within your network.

Here are three ways to be specific in your asks:

  • Be clear and concise when describing the roles you are Provide a job title, industry, and location.
  • Do your research to uncover exactly how this person can help you – and then tell Do they have information about a target company? Can they give you advice?
  • Ask, “Who should I be talking to?” to get referrals to specific people rather than job listings. People hire They are your target audience.

Your goal is to ask for information, advice, or a referral that can lead you to a job opportunity. You are NOT asking for a job while networking.

Now, go out there and talk to people. You might find this part of the job search is actually fun. Happy hunting!