The field of information technology (IT) continues to offer a wealth of opportunities for professionals to grow their careers, adapt, and continue to develop their technical skill sets. The great news is that a Champlain College undergraduate and graduate degree or certificate is built with not only technical competencies in mind, but also soft skills like creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking that will serve our students for their lifetime. While it is a given that technology will change, the enduring value of your Champlain education provides a foundation for future growth and opportunity. Because the field of IT is so diverse, so too are the types of organizations and roles where our alumni can be found.

With every enterprise – regardless of size – viewing technology as a critical asset, the same is true of the technical professionals who enable its potential. We are eager to help our students and alumni enable their potential in the IT field.

8 Job Hunting Tips for Aspiring Tech Professionals


As the calendar moves quickly toward late June, we are trending toward the tail end of the college graduation season, which is an incredibly exciting time. To those newly-minted graduates, congratulations on a major life accomplishment! All your hard work …

By Dice Guest
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Hedge Funds: Big Pay for Engineers, Technologists


Should you be applying for a technology job with a hedge fund? Sure, if you want to get paid. While banks are generally considered to pay less than big tech companies, hedge funds such as Citadel Investment Group seem to …

By Sarah Butcher
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Don’t Ignore These 5 Red Flags When Interviewing for Tech Jobs


Sometimes, job interviews go well… but something just doesn’t feel right. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you’re not sure you want to accept an offer from this employer if it comes your way. If this is …

By Nate Swanner
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Survey: Would You Rather Have Quality Job Perks or Better Pay?


Pay for tech professionals is plateauing. Meanwhile, employers are trying to make working at their company interesting, with more perks and benefits (remote work, flexible schedules, full-service juice bar, you name it). So we want to know: Do you want …

By Nate Swanner
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Tim Cook Didn’t Feel Ready to Lead Apple—Here’s His Advice for Stepping Up to a Challenge


Tim Cook stands at the helm of one of the largest and most valuable public companies in the world. He’s been the CEO of Apple for nearly eight years, but he didn’t feel ready for the job when he took …

By The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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