Information Technology

The field of information technology (IT) continues to offer a wealth of opportunities for professionals to grow their careers, adapt, and continue to develop their technical skill sets. The great news is that a Champlain College Online undergraduate and graduate degree or certificate is built with not only technical competencies in mind, but also soft skills like creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking that will serve our students for their lifetime. While it is a given that technology will change, the enduring value of your Champlain education provides a foundation for future growth and opportunity.

Why You Should Consider a Career in Information Systems Management

I get asked this question quite often:

“Why would I choose an information systems management degree over another IT-related or business degree?”

It’s a great question that deserves some time and attention, because the information systems management career field …

By Champlain College Online Career Counselor
Champlain College Online Career Counselor
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Java vs. Python: Which Should You Learn First for Finance IT?

If you’re thinking about learning a programming language to safeguard your financial services career, or to transition into a technology job, then the language du jour is Python; a fine choice in of itself, and very handy if you want …

By Dice Guest
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6 Warning Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Tech Job

Plenty of tech pros are looking for a new employer, according to Dice’s latest salary survey. These potential job-switchers want everything from more money (17 percent) to flexible working conditions (15 percent), and they’re willing to quit if they don’t …

By Leslie Stevens-Huffman
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Are Tech Certifications Actually Worth It?

You’ve no doubt heard that certifications can boost your salary. And to a large extent, that’s true: For example, Foote Partners LLC has conducted annual studies that show certain certifications in security and systems administration can boost their holders’ market …

By Nick Kolakowski
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Developers, Tech Pros Judged More on Problem-Solving Skills

One of the most nerve-racking parts of the interview process is the whiteboard test. Although developers and tech pros fear the interviewer who asks them to solve a problem on a whiteboard, things are clearly changing. Recruiters and companies are …

By Scott Ferguson
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