Find out why Champlain graduates are in such high demand.

Champlain College graduates leave with more than a piece of paper. Some of the distinctive aspects of a Champlain education include training in soft skills, problem solving, communication and creativity. Academic programs are applied immediately – benefiting your organization from the start. Instructors are practitioners, allowing them to draw clear connections between the classroom and workplace.

How to find your next Champlain employee:

  • Use our national job database, Handshake, to post your organization’s jobs and internships.
  • To post a job or internship, click on this link for step-by-step instructions.

If you are interested in attending our career fairs on campus, are interested in offering internships, or have specific recruiting needs, please email us at

If your organization is interested in providing affordable tuition to your employees and their families, visit our truED Alliance webpage to learn how Champlain College Online can help.