Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

With nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate credentials in the field of cybersecurity and digital forensics, and as a longtime leader in cybersecurity and digital forensics education, Champlain College Online graduates can be found in leading organizations that fight and identify the sources of digital crime, prevent and mitigate security breaches, secure critical data and infrastructure, monitor and anticipate emerging threats, and much more. With the demand for cybersecurity professionals expected to continue to outpace those with the skills and knowledge to enter the field, there’s no better time to enter or progress in these critical professions.

Why Qualified Applicants for Tech Jobs Get Rejected

In today’s hot market for technical talent, you might think it’s easy to land any job you want, provided you meet most of the requirements in the job description.

But even with tech’s job market nearing full employment levels, you …

By Leslie Stevens-Huffman
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