MBA Options: Boost Your Career With a Graduate Certificate in Business

If you’re looking to boost your business knowledge but aren’t necessarily ready to pursue an MBA, a certificate program is an excellent option. Likewise, if you already have a master’s degree, graduate certificates provide specialized skills that can lead to career advancement.

What is a Graduate Certificate?

A graduate certificate is an advanced academic credential that shows you’ve completed coursework in a specialized area. A master’s degree program typically takes two years to complete and includes general education classes and thesis or capstone projects. A graduate-level certificate, on the other hand, offers the same challenging coursework you’d find in a master’s program but requires fewer credits.

Graduate certificates are career-boosters for many reasons, most notably for the specialization opportunities. You can build off of your previous education and work experience while laser-focusing on an area that interests you personally and professionally.

In addition to deeply specialized course content, benefits of a graduate certificate program include:

  • Lower time commitment than a full degree program
  • Less financial investment than a full degree program
  • Flexibility and convenience, with many 100%-online options
  • Credits may be transferable to a master’s degree program in the future

Our blog post What is a Certificate and 5 Reasons to Get One offers a more in-depth look at the benefits of undergraduate and graduate certificate programs overall.

Why Earn a Graduate Certificate in Business?

It’s not just about adding a bullet to your resume; a graduate certificate in business can enhance your career in many ways, whether it’s taking it to the next level or in a new direction entirely.

As you reach professional milestones or gain industry experience, you may want to venture into management or explore different aspects of your organization. Advancing your education is one way to be considered more seriously for raises and promotions, but it can also open you up to lateral moves within your organization. For example, maybe you enjoy training new employees in your department and are inspired to move into an HR-related role. Perhaps you’re working in accounting, but want to learn more about risk management so you can expand your contribution to the organization’s financial health.

Additionally, if you’ve been working for many years in an industry or a business unit that’s been impacted by changing technology and shifting best practices, a graduate certificate in business can refresh your skills and knowledge.

Finally, if you’re considering an MBA or other business-related master’s degree, a graduate certificate program is an affordable way to “test drive” this level of coursework while also allowing you to earn a credential along the way.

Can You Earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Online?

Online graduate certificate programs are available in many disciplines, from healthcare and information technology to engineering and psychology. When it comes to a field as broad as business, you’ll find dozens of exciting areas in which you can develop expertise.

In fact, Champlain College Online offers seven distinct graduate certificate options in the vast and varied business landscape. Building off our long history of providing quality, convenient educational options for working professionals, our graduate business certificate programs include:

  • Advanced Management: Ideal for managers looking to up their game, this 100%-online program focuses on innovation, project management, and group dynamics.
  • Business Management: Specifically focused on strategic leadership, this program centers on informed decision making, with courses in business analysis, finance, and globalization.
  • Employment Law: This certificate program dives deeper into HR-related issues including labor law, discrimination, and other legal aspects of hiring, firing, promoting, evaluating, and disciplining employees.
  • Human Resource Management: Ideal for professionals looking to build a foundation in human resources, this certificate explores coaching, diversity, inclusion, and data analysis/reporting in the workplace.
  • Leadership: Geared toward transparency and transformation in the workplace, this certificate program explores open organizations, workplace relationships, and shared leadership models.
  • Positive Development Organization (PosOD): This certificate takes a deeper look at organizational life through positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, and design theory. Highlights include a capstone course featuring guest experts from around the world.
  • Supply Chain Management: With an emphasis on efficiency and profitability, the supply chain management certificate covers everything from customer demand and fulfillment to sourcing, production, and risk management.

Are you ready to upskill or expand your professional expertise in one of these areas? Contact us to learn more about our graduate certificates in business or explore our programs in more detail here.

By Champlain College Online Career Counselor
Champlain College Online Career Counselor