Healthcare Administration Career Resources

Career opportunities in healthcare administration continue to grow along with the field of healthcare.  While the main function of these skilled professionals falls under finance and regulations, many are motivated by their passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

Healthcare administrators work in a variety of facilities, e.g. hospitals, physician’s office, long-term health care facilities, insurance companies or HMO, medical equipment suppliers, state or federal agencies.  Some of the tasks performed by healthcare administrators include, but are not limited to, overseeing hospital departments, direct planning, managing finances, meeting regulatory requirements, helping facilities adapt to changing technology, supervising employees, and providing compassionate care to patients.

Healthcare professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds and may specialize in business, administration, public health or a specific area of healthcare.  Sample job titles range from medical assistant, medical records manager, inpatient auditor to compliance program coordinator, clinical manager, chief operating officer, hospital administrator, and everything in between.

Using multiple resources in your job search and joining professional organizations will advance your search and grow your network.  Here are some recommended sites and organizations you should add to your list.  Be sure to also check out healthcare facility websites near you for current listings.

By Heidi Wrighton
Heidi Wrighton