Webcast: The Perceived Impact of Barriers to Retention on Women in Cybersecurity

Date: July 18th
Time: 8 p.m. ET
This session presents the results from my dissertation research on retention of women in the cybersecurity industry. The cybersecurity industry has a gender gap, with women making up only 10-15% of the United States cybersecurity workforce …
By Heidi Wrighton
Heidi Wrighton Heidi Wrighton
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4 Myths About Networking You Have to Stop Believing


“I hate networking.”

I hear this phrase when working with clients all too frequently, and it’s usually accompanied by the person claiming they’re not good at networking and need to find a way around it, because it’s simply not going …

By The Muse
The Muse
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Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist: What’s the Difference?


If you want to make sure you don’t lose your job in the next five years, you probably want to know something about Big Data, or even switch to a data-related career. But what do Big Data jobs entail?

Speaking …

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Python Still Swallowing R, Groovy Blasts Into Top 20: TIOBE


The TIOBE Index for July is out, and there’s not much movement at the top of the leaderboard. Python has usurped C++ for third place, which is actually impressive; plus, it ate or slithered past a few popular languages to …

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Poor Training, Lack of Skills Leave Older Workers Behind: Study


A new study from Docebo suggests professionals across the world want to learn skills to help them at work… but the training just isn’t there.

Baby Boomers are most affected: 40 percent of older pros in the United Kingdom and …

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Python: Most Studied Language Among Developers


Python is the most-studied language among developers, with 27 percent of respondents to a recent JetBrains survey saying they’ve either started or continued to learn it in the past year.

While Python isn’t the most-used language among those developers/respondents (that …

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