QuickBooks won’t squeeze out accountants and bookkeepers


Accounting Today:  QuickBooks won’t squeeze out accountants and bookkeepers

The latest buzz in the accounting industry is that QuickBooks will soon be offering “bookkeeping services,” which will siphon business from accountants and bookkeepers. I don’t think that’s the case.

Some …

By Heidi Wrighton
Heidi Wrighton Heidi Wrighton
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Exploring the Secret Practices of Tech Recruiters


Understanding the role of recruiters and how the hiring process works is integral to conducting a successful job search.

Given the rapid advances in recruiting technology and tactics, this seemed like an opportune time to update our two previous lists …

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4 Ways Your Perfectionism Is Killing Your Job Search


After months of unemployment, one of my career coaching clients desperately needed a new job, but she wanted to make sure it was in a field she loved. So, we re-did her resume and LinkedIn profile, wrote a cover …

By The Muse
The Muse
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Are Tech Certifications Actually Worth It?


You’ve no doubt heard that certifications can boost your salary. And to a large extent, that’s true: For example, Foote Partners LLC has conducted annual studies that show certain certifications in security and systems administration can boost their holders’ market …

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How to Reach Veteran Job Seekers Automatically Every Day


A powerful tool for employers to reach qualified veteran job seekers is the Resume Scout combined with the Automatic Message.  A Resume Scout is an automatic search that is run daily to find newly posted veteran resumes that meet your …

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Developers, Tech Pros Judged More on Problem-Solving Skills


One of the most nerve-racking parts of the interview process is the whiteboard test. Although developers and tech pros fear the interviewer who asks them to solve a problem on a whiteboard, things are clearly changing. Recruiters and companies …

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